Fourteen films have been produced by the Foundation through 2009 including eight, which are focused on the rescue of Jewish fugitives by non-Jews during the Holocaust. These films document extraordinary acts of courage by ordinary people in Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Scandinavian countries.

More recent programs were filmed in Macedonia and Croatia, which reflect local community efforts to resolve ongoing ethnic and religious conflicts through dialogue instead of war, and one which documents the 70 year Soviet era Gulag system

Our films have been shown by many U.S. public television stations, at museums including the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington,DC, at universities, embassies, faith-based organizations, the Smithsonian Institution, Embassies, highschools, and at public events in France and Israel.

The films have also been exhibited at national and international film competitions and have won Gabriel, Telly, Aegis, and CINE Golden Eagle Awards. Volunteer narrators of the films have included Liv Ullmann, Eli Wallach, Alan Alda, Theodore Bikel, Irene Papas, Uta Hagen, Marvin Kalb and Bettina Gregory.

Films produced by the Foundation 
Films produced by the Foundation are available on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum website by accessing "Documentary Films" and identifying the particular film of interest from the following list:

The Other Side of Faith. Under Nazi occupation, a 16-year-old Polish girl and her younger sister hid and nurtured 13 Jewish fugitives for over two years. [27 minutes] narrated by Sy Rotter

Zegota: A Time to Remember. An effort of the Polish Government in Exile to help Jewish fugitives in Poland during the Holocaust. Includes an Epilogue by Jan Karski. [52 minutes] narrated by Sy Rotter

A Time to Gather Stones Together. Holocaust survivors living in the U.S. visit archives and places of family origin in present-day Ukraine and Poland. [28 minutes] narrated by Sy Rotter

Rescue in Scandinavia, narrated by Liv Ullmann. Focused on individuals in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden who helped Jewish fugitives during the war. [55 minutes]

A Debt to Honor, narrated by Alan Alda. In spite of Italy's alliance with Nazi Germany, eighty percent of Italy's Jews survived the Holocaust, largely through the effrts of Italian non-Jews. [29 minutes]

One Day in the Life of Oni, narrated by Theodore Bikel. In the Caucasian mountains of Georgia, a small but vibrant Jewish community celebrates its ancestry which dates back 2,500 years. [28 minutes]

It Was Nothing, It Was Everything, narrated by Irene Papas, includes reflections on the rescue of Jewish fugitives in Greece by citizens and clergy during the Holocaust. [29 minutes]

Zegota - Council for Aid to Jews in Poland, narrated by Eli Wallach, this shortened version of our 1992 program on Zegota contains new archival footage. [28 minutes]

Treason or Honor, narrated by Uta Hagen in English and Anna Rosmus in German is focused on stories of the rescue of Jews in Germany. [28 minutes]

Making Choices, narrated by Marvin Kalb. Is the story of Macedonians, Moslem and Christian, who in the aftermath of the  choices they are making to avoid the same bloodshed in their Country. [28 minutes]

The Peace Builders, narrated by Bettina Gregory, speaks to the courage required for  reconciliation efforts by volunteers  in Croatia of former enemies, representing Catholic and Eastern Orthodox faiths in the Vukovar area of the Country. [27 minutes]

Overcoming Amnesia Post Stalinist Governments have tried to obliterate this tragic history from the memory of the World. A co-production with Boston College of the 70 year history of the Soviet Gulag experience.

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