A single individual who acts in accordance with moral principles
can save lives, fight injustice and affect the course of history.

Since 1992, the Foundation for Moral Courage has been dedicated to educating high school students and the general public about the importance of individual acts of moral courage in modern civic life.

We accomplish this mission by :

Producing educational television documentaries, which illustrate such acts.

Through 2011 the Foundation has produced 12 educational television programs about ordinary individuals who became extraordinary through their acts of great personal courage. These have focused on the rescue by non-Jews of Jewish fugitives during the Holocaust, post Balkans war experiences in Macadonia and Croatia; Jewish heritage in Ukraine, Poland and Georgia; and an overview of the 50 year Soviet Gulag experience.

Encouraging other institutions to do the same

We work in partnership with various organizations including public and private school systems, colleges and universities throughout the United States. In 2001, the Foundation established a film student-mentoring program at the School of Fine Arts in Boston College that encourages film students to become involved in the production of films concerned with acts of moral courage. This Salmanowitz program has led to the production by students, of over 250 high quality films during the past 18 years.

Convening special award events

Since 2000, the Foundation has sponsored five Jan Karski Award Event for Moral Courage, which honor individuals whose acts of moral courage embody a shared commitment to universal human values.

An international juried documentary film competition bestowed the Jan Karski documentary Film Award on each of the winning producer/directors.

Educational Partnerships

The Foundation proudly sponsors  the Boston College based, Jacques Salmanowitz  Student Film Program for Moral Courage as well as the innovative Moral Courage Study Series of South Carolina Educational TV (a local PBS station).

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